Memories In Your Mind

By mysteria27

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Tags: couple, pain, memories, death, book

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I loved you for a lifetime 
We were two of a kind
Our love always sublime
Now I just live in your mind

Precious memories stored
One spouse needs to let go
For the other heaven is the reward
Our love will continue to grow

I'll wait for you here
Your book is still being written
You must not cry any more tears
You can meet other women

My life is now in the light
Your book still not complete
Don't worry I'll be all right
I know this sounds bittersweet

Please don't cry anymore
I'm doing just fine
Our love will always be adored
I was yours, and you were mine

My sweet husband of years
My time was cut short
Please live there's no fear
Our family will offer support

I'm with you in your heart
I'll watch over you each day
This way we won't be apart
You'll see all the ways

I'll love you from up above
We'll see each other then
You'll always feel our love
Will see each other again