Merry Go Round of Life

By mysteria27

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Tags: marriage, love, sad, depression

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I am here for so many hours in a day, 
Why don't you reach out in some kind of way.

A phone call or a text seem rather nice,
You seem rather cold, your mood like ice.

I am always doing nice things for you,
I'm starting to get sad again and feeling blue.

I know you are busy with your job,
You come across like a total snob.

I have feelings and often feel sad,
I'm at my boiling point and now I am mad.

I feel you feel very comfortable in our life,
I am your caring, adoring, and loving wife.

You're an introvert and don't have much to say,
Life can be rather lonely each and every day.

We connect in a sexual way,
But, emotionally you have lost your way.

I am always the one who does the little things,
But, sometimes I feel like I am dangling on a string.

Marriage is always a work in session,
Feelings that lead to a bit of depression.

I'm thinking I will tell you these things in a letter,
Hoping tomorrow I will feel a little better.