Missing You

By Welshdreamer42

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Tags: love, longing, separation

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How cruel it is to be separated

How frustrating.
Fickle Fate threw us together,
Pairing an unlikely couple
Whose paths should ne’er have crossed.

A cruel mistress,
She teased us with love, 
Budding affection which
Thrived and grew -
Then she viciously tore us apart.

And I miss you.

It’s not a strong enough word
To explain the anger,
The desperate despair
At finding myself a hapless victim
Of green-eyed Fate’s sadistic games.

And Time,
She’s no better.
That teasing temptress slowed her pace,
Allowing us both to languish unhurried
In warm tendrils of enveloping love.

Then she too turned.

Hand in hand, partners in crime,
Fate and Time indulged their sport,
Tossing barriers in our path -
Impossible schedules,
Failing health.
The devilish duo
Derived wicked pleasure
From testing, taunting,
Forcing postponements,
Rain checks extended yet again.

And worse,
They laughed at my aching heart
As I messaged apologies
Across the void;
Sorry my love,
Soon my sweet,
Next time…

And I miss you so much.
I want you in my arms,
I need you.

Maybe if I’d never been held by you,
If I hadn’t shared your bed
And laid my head upon your chest
To hear the thump of your heart.
If you hadn’t whispered those words to me,
Said you couldn’t love me for the rest of my life
But you’d love me for the rest of yours.

If I’d never known the peace 
That comes from your love,
I wouldn’t feel so cheated.

It is the right word
But I’m wise enough to seek another -
That’s what we need.
With patience we’ll formulate a plan
To hood-wink Time and side-step Fate.
We’ll bridge the gap stretching between us
To finally embrace each other.