Monster's Bane

By Circle_Something

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We need to see the sage,
for he is a wonderfully wise mage.
So off we went,
we were hell-bent,
but he lives all the way in Kent!

With a song in our heart's
and a spring in our steps,
we found him at Imhotep's.

Far away from Kent, he is,
we asked him why,
but he went into a fizz.

"It's none of your biz!"
he said in a fizz,
and rushed off to watch
Les Mis.

We rushed after him,
not understanding his whim,
but he ran away,
to another play!

Giving chase again,
we explained some more,
but the bugger escaped
through the back door!

This never-ending cycle
is very frustrating,
and this mage,
we are a-hating.

So it's time to do something
no more sitting about,
doing nothing.

Our own mage,
is more powerful
than the sage.

Back to town,
we went again.
We called the men and warriors.

A spell we cast,
quick, quick,
very fast!

The warriors fought,
the town was saved,
monsters ran
and goodbye we waved.

Saving the world,
it's just what we do,
and then we shout

Our name is Monster's Bane,
so look us up,
and we'll hook you up
with a safer town
and dispel that frown!