My Little Angel

By frogprince

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Tags: child love, rememberance, longing, heartache

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Remembering Lisa Mae my first born child

The day you were born,
Our lives were happy,
But our hearts were torn.

You came on your day in a flash.
You were here but a few minutes
Then you had to dash.

You would be 40 years old had you stayed.
Sisters you have two
Together you would have played.

To me alone your appearance lingers.
I held your sweet body.
I played with your fingers.

How I wish you could hear me say,
When I would hold and hug you
“I love you more with each passing day.”

So many days have amassed,
My memory lingers
On that summer day in the past.

If only we all could in some little way
Lift up our hearts and voices
And say; "I remember Lisa Mae."