Natures Law

By CKAcres

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Tags: love, kindness, caring, acceptence

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Don't allow evil to obscure right.

perverse thoughts lurk
behind these eyes of blue
reflections from the past
bound in a darkened hue

cloaked in a cape of fire
horns topping my head
a sibling of satan
fallen angel dressed in red

demented contemplations
induce lurid fantasies
driving sensations faraway
beyond life's realities

breaking bonds of guilt
not easy to undo
perversities have to die
cycle can't continue

abuse in any form
goes against natures law
responsibilities need taken
obliterate this human flaw

mind take command
culpability do correct
resurrect reality
heart and soul reconnect

allow others to live
never take life away
give only love
natures law obey

treat all with respect
yourself too forgive
tolerate don't sway
acceptance always give

don't allow pessimism
goodness is still alive
though some try to steal
be strong survive

allow yourself to heal
collectively we can weather
extend your hand to all
we're in this life together