New Zealand South Island !

By aussie_kitty77

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An amazing ten days....

One of the best holidays I ever had
Was when I was fifteen 
When I spent ten days on 
New Zealand's South Island.

After landing in Christchurch
And getting our luggage 
Then going to pick up the car
We headed down south.

Stopping at two glaciers
Admiring them with awe 
They were spectacular, 
But had to continue down further
I guess you'll agree.

Spending the most time
Based out of Queenstown,
Where I went jet boating
On the Shotover River
And that was a blast.

But the thing that stands out
Was the first time I saw snow.
It was on the side of the road.
So I got out and picked some up
And had my first snowball fight.

Now when I remember this trip
With these few happy memories
a big smile on my face
And of course thoughts of sheep.