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Nobody’s perfect

"I dedicate this poem (and confession) to Cara"
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Published 3 years ago

There's lots of things I love you for

And many things I don’t

You tell me that you’ll try to change

I realise that you won’t


I love your long brown shiny hair

Each strand is oh so fine

As I pull them out the shower drain

I know that they’re not mine


The shower fairy comes each day

Wet towels hang on the door

She cleans up all your footprints

Where you pad across the floor


And while were on the subject

Our bedroom floor’s been messed

Last nights nightie on the floor

Right there where you got dressed


Our breakfast time’s a nightmare

You sit and eat so slow

Why can’t we grab a slice of toast

And eat it on the go


Evening time we snuggle up

And turn on our TV

You like to watch those trashy soaps

They’re really not for me


Seems that we’re like chalk and cheese

And shouldn’t be a pair

You found my secret chocolate stash

I really do despair


Then you sit and write your notes

So tidy and so neat

In that secret little book of yours

That dairy that you keep


I expect that you’ve been writing

How I’m always in your ear

You know that I’m not perfect

I think you need to hear


The day you shook the ketchup

And It went all down your dress

It was me who left the lid off

I thought I should confess


Now we know we both have faults

We can jog along our way

Let’s tolerate our little quirks

We’re better off that way


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