Oh Dear! I've Caught The Writing Bug

By candle_in_the_wind

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The writing bug.

Oh dear! I've caught the writing bug. It seems a bad disease. 

But, it doesn't make me cough and it doesn't make me sneeze! 

I do not have a fever; it seems there's no injection .

My throat it isn't sore; there isn't an infection.

I didn't catch it from from a cup, or even from a kiss.

It seems the bug is here to stay, there is no end to this!

I try to get some sleep, but words keep dancing in my head.

I get up to get a drink, but fetch a pen instead!

I used to be a good girl... Now I'm writing words like "bum"!

I hope I am forgiven... Please... Don't tell anyone!

Oh dear! I cannot swat it, or even use a spray.

Tomorrow when I wake up will it have gone away?

I am rhyming hanging washing out, and even in the shower.

The rhyming words dance in my head; I'm rhyming every hour! 

My pen is like a drug, I'm hooked on pen and paper.

How did the bug take hold of me... Isn't it a caper?

Oh dear! I`ve caught the writing bug.

I'm speaking now in verse... I think I`ll take a tablet.

No, I need a nurse!

I need to call a doctor. Perhaps a vet will do?

The doctor says there is no cure. I haven't got the flu.

Mr Jones (the vet) looks intently at my face.

Do you mind if I write this down?

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