On a Winter Eve

By azuma

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Tags: winter, darkness, light, hope

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Embedded in the shadow.
Comes with the light.

Its cold outside
Even though the sun shines.
Its colder inside
I'm suffocating with my plight.

No one knows
How much they can endure,
Until you go
Through and through the blows.

Ups and downs
Things keep going around;
Moving on
That's the real job.

Just a ray
Gives hope like May,
Just a thought
Makes me head strong.

One smile
In a million frowns,
And in time
Its like the domino fall.

Spreads like wildfire-
With a single spark that lights;
A tiny little thing
Turns everything bright.

In this winter so cold
My light is beyond the shore,
That is my hope
Even though shivers my soul.