Our Angel

By niceguy4401

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Tags: love, loss

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To a dear friend I loved and Lost

Introduced to me

By a dear friend

A broken angel

I knew could mend

With time and patience 

And I knew was a must

She was shy and scared

But I earned her trust

Body and soul

She’d been wounded deep

Her sweet angel wings

Now lay at her feet.

She and my friend

We’d all laugh and cry

But somehow I knew

We could get her to fly

With more time and patience 

She flapped her wings

Her voice as a Robin

Beginning to sing

Her courage and strength

Just grew and grew

She’d be just fine

My friend and I knew

She’s now flown away

From earth she was taken

God took her from us

And now we are shaken

Our broken angel

Has flown like a dove

And where ever she’s gone

She’s gone with our love.