Our Friendship

By aussie_kitty77

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Tags: friendship, memories, dancing, hope, understanding

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Thank you for an awesome year

When you came into my life a year ago today
You asked me to play a song and then to dance.
I gladly accepted and walked out on the floor
You took me in your arms
as we looked into each other’s eyes.

Smiling as I remember this moment
as we have done this many magical times since.
But now we are closer and know so much more
which makes each dance so much sweeter.

Something else I remember about that day
Is how our mutual friends
were so encouraging and happy that we clicked
and that happiness lasts until this day.

There was your tribal avatar
Which was something that had caught my eye.
It was like a teardrop tattoo,
and tattooing is close to your heart.

Our friendship grew and grew
and you slowly became my rock
my confidant
my guardian angel
and best friend

Today when I look back I realise
You brought so many colours
Freedom, hope and understanding
All because you took the time
too really get to know me.

So this is my way to say a big thank you
And also to tell you my wish
To share, oh so many more.