Our Hearts Beat As One

By frogprince

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We sat looking at each other 
Like two teenagers 
At the back of the balcony 

What I wanted was obvious 
You wanted it too 
So badly, we craved it

My arm went on your shoulder 
I pulled you to me 
We both knew what was next

Our eyes locked together 
Our bodies leaned closer 
Our hands moved into position

It was time, overtime really 
We played at it long enough 
We loved each other

We had to do it 
It was expected 
We both knew it

Our eyes automatically closed 
Our heads moved closer together 
Our lips puckered in anticipation

At first a soft brush of lips 
Then a stronger touch 
Followed by an all out crush

Holding a kiss for seconds 
Followed by minutes 
Making us both breathless

Our tongues played and danced 
Our teeth nibbled and bit 
Our mouths melded together

But to me the best thing about kissing 
Was not the touch of our lips 
Or the duel of our tongues

It was the taste of you 
Your breath, your tongue 
I loved it all

As we sat breathless 
Panting and watching each other 
Thoughts danced in my head

Our hearts beat as one 
Our feelings and emotions flowed 
Our eyes met again

We agreed this was fun 
It was time to do something 
We never did before

I dared put my arms around your waist 
Yours went around my neck 
Our heads moved closer

Our lips moved in and we stopped 
Our tongues extended wetting our lips 
Our lips waited as we dwelled

My tongue extended to you 
I licked your soft full lips 
And got a much better taste

A breath of surprise crossed your lips 
But then you smiled broadly 
You pushed your lips against mine kissing me