By aussie_kitty77

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Today was busy

An opening, dinner and a movie

Then a walk along the river

Before heading home...

Once there it was time to relax,

Opening the veranda doors, stepping out

Walking over, leaning against the railing,

Looking out at the city lights.

I hear you walk out

Placing two glasses on the table

Before walking over to me,

“What are you thinking?” you ask

“Us," I reply

Smiling, wrapping your arms around me

Pulling me against you,

My back pressed against your chest

As you kiss my cheek.

Standing in silence

Watching the lights flicker for a few moments

Before turning to face you

Looking in your eyes

Feeling your hands on my waist as you pull me closer

Kissing you softly

Before the hunger

Need took over.

Your hand moving from my waist

To gently caress my breast

Moaning against your lips

Wrapping my arms around your neck

As you carried me to the bed.