Over The Sea

By LauraDanielle

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Tags: miles apart, love poems, promise, muse, zeus, danae, fair maiden, flowers, waiting

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Over the sea
Awaits his love
Steadfast and unchanging
Her word of loyalty
A comfort to him
Through the darkest of times
A Northern Star
One fixed point throughout the instability

Over the sea
Awaits his hope
The promise of a new love and a new life
Ever present and patient
Whispered promises of fidelity and loyalty
Through the rugged landscape 
And the elemental mistress that is the water
Lays the promise of her warm embrace

Over the sea
Awaits his muse
The person who gets it and understands him
Intelligent and determined
Poems and classical excerpts shared
As he gently falls off to sleep
For her wit alone
Is enough to keep him

Over the sea
Awaits his Danae
Waiting for the golden light of her Zeus
And the feeling of his lips on hers 
A touch in the darkness thousands of miles away
The simple promise of only herself
To show him her true colours
And bare her naked soul

Over the sea
Awaits his fair maiden
Whose true heart he would know amongst a thousand others
Whose true heart he would hope to win
And keep all for himself
To ravish and then worship her naked body and soul
To pick a flower
And give thanks at her temple

Over the sea
Is the Island Princess
The one who can see his true self
The one who can tame the lion
Heal his pride and past wounds
Praise his mind, body and soul
As he would praise hers
When they come together as one

Over the sea
They await each other
She is his
And he is hers