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Pale By Comparison

I fancied myself a man of words,
A spinner of yarns and dreamer of tales.
It seems my place is at the back of the herd,
Rowing my boat while others have sails.

Ravenspearl writes of love and loss,
Her storms assail you as they blow across.
Entangled_Fate reaches inside her heart,
Her intense words often tear her apart.

Rebellious_Soul struggles to keep in touch,
But she always comes through in a clutch.
DirtyMartini is the StorySpace sage,
As he fills words endlessly page after page.

Rolandloops and his better- half Liz,
Show us all what friendship is.
Meredith was born far too late,
His elegant manner is from a much earlier date.

GriffonGarcon was born way too soon,
Her stories regale us of the stars and moon.
Circle_Something is the crazy one here,
His talent is rich and always with good cheer.

LarryFNigh has written of all things A to Z,
He’s won every badge and some yet to be.
Finallyatpeace opens herself up like a book,
Her words draw you in and you can’t help but look.

Fuzzy the lion growls and strikes a pose,
But he’s just a lap cat as everyone knows.
CKacres strings his wisdom like pearls,
His rainbow of words in colorful swirls.

Fading comes and goes like stars at night,
Slipping in and out staying out of the light.
Isabelle left a big void to fill,
One we haven’t done yet and probably never will.

Sherzahd leads us all in her amazing brilliance,
Keeping us going with her strength and resilience.
Alys is a muse and on occasion writes her own,
She can be the softest breeze or a full-blown cyclone.

There are so many more whose talents are amazing,
Each word or thought sets imaginations blazing.
Humor and heartbreak, life and love are the themes,
Hope and despair, laughter and cries fill our dreams.

Legend says when a writer is born a star lights up the sky,
It’s never been proven of course, but it’s really hard to deny.
I, myself thought I had a star as I looked up into the night,
It turns out it was just a simple room with a single ceiling light.

I once fancied myself a man of words,
A spinner of yarns and dreamer of tales.
But now I see my work silly and absurd,
Despite all of my efforts and travails.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © 2010-2040 LDJohnson (Dreamcatcher) - All rights reserved, including all copyrights and all other intellectual property rights in the contents hereof.

The contents and composition herein are not to be copied, reproduced, printed, published, posted, displayed, incorporated, stored in or scanned into a retrieval system or database, transmitted, broadcast, bartered or sold, in whole or in part without the prior express written permission of this author.

Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited and will be considered illegally plagiarized and subject to any or all damage claims, and is an infringement of National and International Copyright laws.

This composition is a work of fiction or based upon personal experiences. Names, characters, places, and descriptions of incidents are products of this author's imagination, fictitiously expressed, personal experience expressed either in detail or loosely referenced, or merely the humble opinion of this author. Any similarities to actual persons or events are coincidental and subject to this author's determination.

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