By DirtyMartini

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Just another love poem...there are more where this came from...

Precious are the moments that we share,
Gentle is the touch that shows you care,
Precious are the days we spend hand in hand,
You always there to listen and understand,
Precious are the nights with you by my side,
Making all my fears go run and hide,
Precious are the minutes, hours and days,
For you are the one I will love always,
Precious are the glances you cast my way,
Reminding me that, it is here I will stay.

The time we spend is so precious to me,
There is no other place I’d rather be,
Having you to hug and to hold,
Always together, as we grow old,
Our lives together, so intertwined,
We walk together, your hand in mine,
Every waking moment, I think of you,
Our time together, seems so new,
We’ll always be together and never part,
For precious is the one who stole my heart.