R U There?

By meredith

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Tags: humor, ponderings, existence

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Text message answers poses a question

I woke this morning
Wondering what this day will bring
When suddenly my phone
It began to ring.

A text was sent
Upon my screen in morning's glare
A strange text message

What a strange question
How unfair.

I quickly respond to the text
Answering with without fear
Nope. I am never there.
I am always here.”

Feeling satisfied and smug
Hitting the button call Send
Sitting down hoping
This was the end.

Ah, but you are there
and I am here”
That was the reply
Mine eyes did hear.

Silly goose I thought
I am always here
I'm about to reply
and make it quite clear.

I am here
I am here
I've always been here
Been here all this year.

Then I thought,
What if it's true
That I am not here
What ever shall I do?

Muddling and puzzling
Whilst on my derriere
Wondering if possibly
I was just where.

A brief moment ago
I stood over there
But in larger sense
I am still quite here.

For how is possible
In two places at once
Sitting, just sitting there
Feeling ever the dunce.

If not here
If not there
Then where?

I could be at a ball
Wearing a boutonniere
Or in a fancy hotel
Talking to the concierge
Perhaps in Venice
Rowing as a gondolier.

I woke up this morning
Without worry or care
Now pondering a puzzle
That's neither here nor there.

An answer to find
I shall persevere.
Then I realized 
It's not here or there.

But everywhere 
Whether beach afar 
Or in your car 
Anywhere that you are.

That I am always there 
I am ever presence 
Beside you and with you 
That is the essence.