By tonyal

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His demons come out to play

It's Halloween time 
Your demon comes to play 
He wants to take over 
He makes you his prey 

Rabies loves to scare you 
No matter when or where 
He will get you in the dark 
He does so with so much flare 

Each night he wants more 
The demons take control
You better watch it, my friend 
In your head is the goal

 Rabies started as a joke
Now he's much much more
He wants to make you cry 
Watching you makes him sore

Is he a man or a dog 
Is he alive or is he dead 
No-one knows for sure 
He'll fill you with dread 

 Rabies howls at the moon 
Takes a look in your soul 
He knows what scares you 
This is more than a role 

 Hotel of Horror you can see 
The demons that are within
Three months of terror 
To find him full of sin 

 In a church, he could be 
Maybe a funeral too 
A book for you to sign
This is more than a boo 

He knows what you don't want 
He feeds off your fear
Is there a doctor around 
You'll need one for your care 

 He isn't a superhero or a clown
He likes blood, gore, even babies
They say he is spawn of Satan 
But he is just our own Rabies