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Reflections on International Women's Day

"International Women's Day - a sombre, serious day for women, and a day to speak our minds"
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International Women's Day

A day that means a great deal to me.

It leaves me serious, reflective,

thinking about the women who have influenced and formed me,

those I know, those I have never met.

Among those I know, my mother, grandmothers,

and their lives -

It is not for me to speak in their names,

I can only be witness to who they were,

Honour them,

Acknowledge them,

Carry within me what they taught me,

Nourish those things,

Pass them on to others in my life.

They strove,



and loved,



There are so many other women in my life,

Who have aided me,

Challenged me,

Nurtured me,

Helped me,

Laughed with me

and at me.

In turn I have done those things,

Do those things

Listened and learned,

Still listen and learn,

Ranted and railed,

Still rant and rail,

Consoled and encouraged,

And yes,

Still console and encourage.

So, even when we do not see eye to eye,

Or perhaps especially when we do not see eye to eye,

There is respect,


and with luck,


Some speak against misogyny, even here, today.

Yet some are blocked from commenting on those writings.

The irony of it is painfully ironic, as

Yet again,

A man speaks in our names,

For us.

Well intentioned,



man speaks,

and tries to silence a woman.

We can speak,

Do speak,

And will continue to do so.

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