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As I pen this tome,

I once again,

Find myself alone.


When I was young,

I had such dreams,

I wasted them all,

Falling apart at the seams.


My life was lived,

In parceled moments,

The ones I loved,

Became opponents.


The joy within,

That young boy’s laughter,

Became cries to the man,

Losing what I sought after.


What chance had I,

Being the likes of me,

For who could place value,

On a mud-crusted penny.


I forlornly watched,

As the roses bloomed,

Knowing already,

That my own garden was doomed.


I failed that boy,

As a man, I couldn’t see,

That I lived down,

To my own prophecy.


He kneels head down,

I let his laughter go to waste,

Angry at the man,

For a life, he’ll never taste.


The boy that once was,

Became the man that I am,


Forever damned.