Releasing You and Moving On

By mysteria27

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I have now released you
Have not talked in a week
It really has been adieu
We now never speak

I'm not going back
This feels really good
I'm really keeping track
No more being misunderstood

There's no more hurt
You're not even on my mind
I don't have to hear you be curt
This was really well timed

I'm much happier being away
No more feelings of being sad
I don't have to talk to you any day
No more feelings of being mad

I'm glad I've walked away
Wished I did this long ago
This feels more then okay
I can now really grow

Back to being happy
And enjoying my real life
I never feel crappy
There isn't any strife

The days are much brighter
Since I've let you go
No reason to cyber
This is much better, you know