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Remember when

Can you remember when we met 
That feeling of absolute joy
Nervous feelings that made you sweat
Hoping you were that special boy

Simple talks that were so amazing
Spending time with each other
The joys of first time dating
When we become special lovers

All the special and amazing dates
Sharing all those special kisses
Knowing you'd be my soul mate
Eventually being Mr. and Misses

Nervous feelings getting engaged
Accepting the diamond ring
Years later vows exchanged
Getting married in late spring

Loving each other every day
Together making a beautiful life
Enjoying each other in many ways
We are husband and wife

Then we make a baby
Nine months long and they come
Hoping for a boy maybe
They're born, now starts the fun

Years later we have a girl
Our family is complete
She looks like me with curls
Being a mom is really sweet

We have been together for years
And I just want to say "I love you"
Even though sometimes there are tears
Our love is forever and true