Romance on the Railway

By Gypsygyrl

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Tags: love, adventure, romance, train, gypsy, journey

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Come follow the tracks to my heart

Each night beneath the kindly moon’s soft radiance
We make again that joyful connection of love
Vulnerable in our emotional nakedness
As we bare the most profound feelings of our hearts

All too soon the hour of parting is upon us
Catching us unaware in our communion
The whistle of the passing train is the sad signal
That we must reluctantly say goodnight, sweet dreams

Come away with me on a romantic adventure
And succumb to the sacred mystery of love
Bathed in the aura of hallowed intimacy
While the sleeping world rests in the shadows of night

Just you and me, side by side, fingers interlaced,
Two dreamers on the run chasing love’s destiny
Escaping together from this uncaring world
Hearts beating in the harmony of each embrace

Trees rush past as the train cuts its path through mountains
Each moment bringing new memories, while visions
Of ancestors gaze fondly down in approval
Of our leap of faith into a new world of love

This journey can be yours and mine alone, my love
Its sweet secret message concealed from all others
The tracks run endlessly like my desire for you
And to deny such a blessing would be a crime

Filled with the gypsy spirit of my grandfather
My restless soul will never find a lasting home
Except in that place where our two hearts truly lie
My final destination and our journey’s end

The train blares its horn as the carriage gently rocks
The rumble of the tracks becomes a lullaby
Souls melting into one through the power of love
As the call of the gypsy’s summons brings us home


**many special thanks to KindOfHeart for his amazing talent in helping bring this poem together with me.**