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Salvation and Self-Veneration

Pre-Apocalypse Hip-Hop Conversations

(The Prophet)

There’s work to be done in this world,

but it’s not work for boys or girls.

Where once there were people of a great and mighty nation,

Now all I see is a slave generation. A Slave Generation.

Slave to your phone, to the drugs you rejoice, slave to the music, it’s all your choice.


(The Populace)

But I don’t need work done in my world,

Work isn’t needed for boys or girls,

Where once there were people of moral salvation,

Liking's evolved as a new medication. The Liking Generation.

I Like my apps, my friends Like me, Liking is a salve for the troubles I see.


(The Prophet)

Work builds character and self-respect;

Two human qualities you mustn’t neglect.

Where once there were people who had no indignation,

Now all I see is a damn-you generation. A Damn-You designation.

Damn the Holy, Damn the Man, and Damn the Corporation as loud as you can.


(The Populace)

We don’t earn self-respect in our world,

We Like ourselves now, boys and girls,

Don’t give me your parochial summation;

I respect myself; it's Self-Veneration.

Nothing's Holy. Who's the Man? I don't Like them... think Sam-I-am.


(The Prophet)

There’s still work to be done in this world,

but it can’t be done by boys and girls.

Women and men ought to seek salvation

Else they're fuel for the coming Conflagration!

It’ll burn up your ways, it'll burn up your drugs, it'll burn up your music, while you wait for hugs.


(The Populace)

We don’t Like you. Leave our world.

Leave us alone. Come, boys and girls,

Let’s swipe left without vacillation; there's no Liking personal salvation.

We don't want any Transformation.We all have Self-Veneration;

We Like our apps, we Like our drugs, we Like our music and we've plenty of hugs.


(The Prophet to the Lord)

I said your piece to the whole wide world

And I was ignored by the boys and girls.

They’ve become a complete abomination

Of the people you created in your first Garden Nation.

They Like themselves, they Like their ways, they Like each other, O Ancient of Days.

It’s now time for the Great Tribulation then we'll follow with global Consecration;

So I’ll sit here and wait for Desolation...while killing Zombies on my new PlayStation.


The Creator to his Son

So you see, My Son, why I call it Revelations.

I see You’ve come to the same realization.

People need more than personal salvation;

They need a purge of evil’s propagation.

We’ll burn the Prophets a hot blue flame,

For lacking conviction while speaking in My Name.

Then we’ll burn bad people and their drugs. I told Lucifer to give 'em all hugs.

Lucifer's agreed and he whispered to me that he’ll Like them all for Eternity.




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