Snake Charmer

By TaliaRussell

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Tags: love, obsession, escape

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When I met you
Want and need
Had teamed together
Blinding me 
Though learning that your girls before
Were battled-scarred
I was so sure
The blame did not belong with you
I missed the signs
Ignored the clues
And when the snake uncoiled and struck
I was ashamed, yet so in love
Your flicking tongue
Your piercing eyes
Have me feeling mesmerized
Your flexing form
So smooth and pale
Winds around me like a veil

Every day when I awake
I think of how I can escape
And by day’s end, my hope is gone
I’m too enmeshed
I’m so enthralled
By tunes transfixing from the bin
Both low and high, and full and thin
That raise me up and make me dance
I cannot change my circumstance
And so I live with my mistake
To have been charmed by you
The snake.