By gillianleeza

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Thanks to Mother Nature for stopping time

Anticipation is high for the first snow of the year
Trips to the store, for bread, milk and more
Everyone feeling a bit anxious, maybe a bit of fear
Checking my supply of batteries, the seals around doors

Weather forecasters in their own heavenly bliss
Staying up around the clock, inches first, then feet
My hubby and I get ready for bed and share a night kiss
With that much snow, we need our sleep, no goodnight treat

Surprised to find the next day the prognosticators got it right
Snow piling up, wind howling through the trees, power lines shake
Praying the snow is light in weight and power we keep, with all my might
So far so good, snow keeps falling, it's beauty muffles all in it's wake

One foot, soon two, it keeps blowing from the sky, my car no longer seen
Forced to stay indoors and spend time together, we reconnect with the other
Breaks taken to go and shovel the thankfully light, powdery snow, with it's icy sheen
Power still on, we cook and bake together. A few calls to check, after all I am a Mother

Complaining at first about having to stay in, to take time away from work now
We play games, laugh, watch favorite old shows and movies, even dancing for a time
I was ready to hate this storm, plans changing, I hate when that happens and how
Mother nature gave us a gift these last few days. I remember why and how you became mine

Our faults are many and varied, we are both flawed imperfect as are all others too
Sometimes we just need that break to remind and show us what made us choose
You laugh at my jokes, I watch your corny movies, it's how you treat the one who loves you
I might not mind another storm or two this winter. Renewing our love it's a win, how can we lose.