Spotty Socks

By candle_in_the_wind

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Socks are always going missing

The Spotty socks started off as a pair. They would travel everywhere. 

They went to parties and had fun.

But one sad day...There was only one!

Spotty sock 1 searched everywhere.

In the cupboard, under the stair.

But Spotty sock 2 could not be found.

She`d crept away without a sound.

Spotty sock 1 searched the whole house.

He even asked the resident mouse.

"I`m certain I saw Spotty sock 2," the little mouse replied. 

"I saw her hopping down the path, I think she`s gone outside!"

Spotty sock 1 cried and cried .

"I wonder why she went outside?"

"She doesn`t like the rain."

"There is no hope, she won't return. We`ll never meet again!"

But spotty sock 2 had not gone far.

She`d hopped into the family car.

She sat inside and looked around,

at the litter on the ground.

"Oh! How messy." Spotty said.

And threw it out the door instead!

Dad saw it there and in a rush.

Went to fetch the pan and brush.

"There must be more inside the car. How untidy my family are!"

He leant inside with pan and brush.

Spotty hopped out with a rush!

She hopped and hopped, very fast.

Until she reached the house at last. 

Spotty sock 1 met 2 that night.

(He was hiding under the stair.)

They hugged and hugged with such delight, to be once again a PAIR!