Spreading Wings

By Survivor

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Tags: poetry, english sonnet, requited love

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Rejoice and fly once more

With wings unfurled I seek my joy once more;
The dance of love continues with my art. 
From fearful cliffs I spread my wings and soar;
So join me now and live your fated part.

Our secret rendezvous were magic dreams;
No longer must we hide our heartfelt trust.
Enraptured times we lived in flowing streams
Of passions breeding glee and frantic lust.

Will you accept these offerings from me,
As I have promised since the day we met,
Or must we pass it by 'til we're both free.
Have faith, my love, our day of bliss is set.

With tripping steps, and tender arms entrapped,
We still may spend our lives with hearts enrapt.