By courage2bfree

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A food Gourmet enjoys cooking and then tasting her meal


Cutting the courgettes

Snap, snap, snap

Glossy green skill.

Dicing the purple aubergine,

Sweat it with salt

Drain the bitter juice

Eating together

The lemon flavour comes

punching through

the underlying spice

of mustard and cardamom seeds

Next the earthy taste

Of the potato

Embracing the gently sweet taste

Of the spinach

Still with its vital

life giving audacity.

The rice is the tender

And savoury setting

Of the moderate heat

Pleasure as I swallow it slowly

We dip the fresh

Sweet strawberries

Into hot chocolate fondue

Laced with brandy

And taste its sensuality

I lick my lips and smile

I peel back the skin of a mango

It glistened at me

As I put it in my mouth

And bit into the rich tangy

Exotic fruit

The juice runs out of my mouth

And down my chin

The flavour shrieked

into my consciousness

I accept the new experience

Without flinching.

I look into his eyes

And ask for water.