The Descent of a mind

By darklight30

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Tags: poetry, depression, mood

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A step inside chaos.

A plea sent up to a silent space.

Begging the keepers of time to
freeze these seconds in place.

A descent has occurred in my mind

the familiar face of sanity has taken leave this day.

I fight to hush the voice that screams
from my eyes.

Distorting the image before me until
suspicion greets the smiles that wander
in on my never ending mile.

Inside of a room with the pale green

The man in the white coat seems to be giving
me tips on how to lose my mind in style.

"Don't scream." He says

"Don't shout."

"Never plead."

Let your mind descent into chaos with the evidence

There's a pill in my hand that will change the scene.

The trail of struggle to remain in sanity wiped
magnificently clean.

I swallow and I relent, head bowed in place.

Once again, begging the keepers of time to
freeze seconds in place.