The Fight

By ChuckEpoo

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Tags: love, seduction, reconciliation

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You have the power to open what I've shut.

The Fight

As you step from your long hot shower,
I feel a tightness in my lower gut. 
It frustrates me you have this power,
To always open what I have shut.

One moment, I'll be filled with anger.
Then I see your body dripping wet. 
You seem to do this when I am mad.
Your nakedness makes me to forget. 

Water runs from your breasts,
And puddles upon the floor. 
What was that fight about?
I can remember it no more. 

Seductive is what you are, 
It works on me every time. 
Seeing your exquisite form,
And knowing you are mine. 

Unfair is how you play the game,
But is seems am no longer mad.
You know how to calm me down, 
It's a power you have always had.

I say that your time will come, 
For turnabout is fair play. 
I'll save my wrath for you,
And use it another day. 

As I pull the towel away. 
And it falls upon the floor.
Your body beckons me.
My anger is no more.

I feel your body tight to me.
My mind is filled with ecstasy. 
Your soft inviting lips on mine. 
I forget when anger ruled my mind.