The Frog With The Silly Grin

By candle_in_the_wind

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A warm heart, wins true love.

Goronwy was a handsome frog, but wore a silly grin. I do know how he came by it, but where shall I begin? 

I think I should begin, with, the story from the start. 

To start at the beginning, perhaps, would break your heart. 

Goronwy loved to frolic, in the Lilly pond, but one day, he was curious, and ventured far beyond.

He`d heard a female calling, many miles away. Her voice was sweet and wonderful, and led Goronwy astray.

"Oh, come to me, love of my life, if you seek a pretty wife."

Sang the voice so far beyond, and drew him from the Lilly pond.

He jumped and hopped past house and road , until he met an ugly toad.

She sat beside a mountain spring, and then at once , began to sing.

Her voice was wonderful and sweet, and traveled far and wide. "I am the wife you've come to seek. I am your future bride."

"You're ugly and not pretty, at all. " The cruel frog replied. "Your full of warts, wear a silly grin. I don't want you for my bride." 

"Then I am sad." the toad replied. " Your heart is cold like stone, and I shall put a curse on you, you`ll live your life alone."

"You`ll wear a "Silly grin" like me, and sprout a wart or two. As payment for your cruelty I put this curse on you."

You've read my story, now . I`ve written from the start...Here is the beginning and it will break your heart.

The toad was a Welsh, Princess, seeking a lover true. She went to Kingdoms far and wide, but no Royal Prince would do.

If Goronwy had been kind to her, and not revealed a heart of stone. He`d be a Royal Prince today, but now... He lives alone.

The moral of this story is... Never judge a book by its cover .