The Guiding Light

By candle_in_the_wind

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A vessel caught in a storm.

The moon called to the stars one night. He had something to say. "I need your light to aid me, a storm is on its way." There is a lighthouse far beyond but ships have perished here. The rocks abound this way around and danger`s very near. 

Gathering close, the stars shone bright , twinkling with all their light. The moon rose high, as high as he could be. Creating a guiding light for those upon the sea.

With ferocious speed the storm arrived and whipped the raging sea, which trampled seaweed on the rocks and plundered mercilessly. Ragged rocks were then exposed, like shards of tortuous glass. Vicious lightening split the sky and then... A vessel past! She spun around, just like a cork, she seemed a dreary wreck. Though sailors two were at her mast and others were on deck.

The moon and stars strove hard to rise, as high as high, could be. Until a guiding light, lit up the trackless sea. 

The sailors followed the guiding path, led by stars and moon. The vessel passed by safely and did not meet its doom.

The weary crew fixed their gaze upon the guiding light. Their vessel sailed along its path and disappeared from sight.