The Kiss

By Min_Farrjones

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Tags: love, lust, emotions, kissing

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Batting eye lash, locking gaze
Flaring nostrils, ragged breathing
Blood red lips, lusciously thick
Biting your lip, anticipation

Eyes, drowning pools of lust
Hungry stare drawing me in
Smell of roses lurking, subtle
Flush of heat, red glow rising

Closing the abyss, tension rising
Blinking eyes, breathing halted
Sparks midair, between lips
Radiating heat, readying impact

Lips touching, parting expecting
Reality kicking, butterflies exploding
Dam of lust, breaking, shattering
Lips devouring, tongue exploring

Juices flowing, wrestling, sweating
Heads tilting, hands wandering
Bodies shaking, desires convulsing
Body on body, perfect union, super nova