The Little Bed Bug

By candle_in_the_wind

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The life of a bed bug.

I am a bed bug, named Tilly. Sometimes I crawl on your Willy.

No I`m not being rude... You have all misconstrued!

You share your bed... With a bug named Willy.

Okay... So you think I am silly?

I hope to marry your Willy.

Do you hear what I say?

We will marry one day!

Tilly Will, marry your Willy.

A honeymoon will be spent on your cover.

And if Willy`s an excellent lover.

We will be ... Close kith and kin.

Feasting upon your soft, yummy skin!

Oh No! You have just changed your bed!

 Your Willy, bounced on his head!

Your Willy alas! Is ...Dead!

I am a bed bug named named Tilly.

I sit here mourning your Willy.