The Misunderstood

By aussie_kitty77

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Tags: childhood, lessons, friends, heartache

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What is she to think?

As a child she was always the fat kid
the one everyone always made fun of.

The one who tried to show kindness and empathy
but all it got her was hurt.

At age 5 tried defending herself from a peer
and got the cane at school and the belt at home
so learnt that it was wrong.

At 13 told she was stupid and couldn’t
so learnt not to try

At 15 had a crush and tried to catch their attention
but learnt she was ugly and boys just don’t like her

At 18 home alone when the neighbours son came over
asking to borrow some sugar agreed to help and went in to get it
He followed and attempted to rape her

So what is she now as an adult to believe...?
especially when so many people want her to change to be someone else

Yes she is shy, caring, kind and got a sensitive loving heart
but it’s hidden behind walls, built from many years of mistrust and abuse

She knows people get put off because of how she is
never taking the time to see the gem that hidden beneath.