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The poem of the blue man (the baby of ice)

The poem of the blue man (the baby of ice)

I was fourteen, 

So was she. 

I had been away from school for a while, I didn't bother, and they didn't care. 

I had heard about her from the freak vine.

 That she had given it up to a real sleazy guy named Todd. 

I didn't know her, and I figured hey no points for class in this world. 

Now I had geometry with him, and it turns out her. 

For some reason, the teacher put our desks in a circle. 

I was sitting next to him, and she was directly across. 

To my surprise, she was flirting with me. 

I thought how audacious, how compelling. 

That weekend at the hangout, I ask Todd with all honor and respect, "That if he didn't do anything I was going for it but if he had a problem all he had to do was tell me."

He said, and I quote, "I don't give a fuck."

Sounded good to me. 

So that is the junior high bull shit,  now it takes a strange turn... 

She was a raving beauty blond with piercing blue eyes. 

But I didn't know my eyes were turned to the earth. 

She was in love with me the 'freaker king.' 

A name I did not know I had, nor would have wanted if I did.  

I had my dad's flight jacket; I've mentioned it in another poem (long gone now, ripped off by a crack head.) 

She had gone walking one night; though a voice begged her not to. 

The voice promised her, if she just didn't go out that night, we could talk all she wanted, even be boyfriend and girlfriend. 

She didn't listen; she went walking to find me. 

As she walked, a boy pulled up to her in a fancy muscle car

He asked, "Hey whats up?" 

She knew he was my best friend, (I learned later what a real piece of shit he really was.) 

He said,  "Ya I was at a party did she want him to take her? "

She said,  "Oh yes. "

He offered to smoke a joint with her; she never had, but she was cool, right? 

It was laced with PCP, as she started to pass out,

he got handy. 

She said, "you might rape me, but you will never find the family dagger." 

Now only families who have one know what that is (I'll clue you in at the end.) 

He took her to a dark basement; she had no idea where she was. 

The plan was to have his way, then sell her to a pimp downtown. 

My best friend. 

But he couldn't get the dagger out of his head. 

He left her down there for a few moments.  

She had one chance

the phone. 

She dialed zero (before 911.)

She begged the operator to get the navy, army, and the police to help her. 

She used my name because of the jacket, and my dad was big in the navy. 

She was wasted, 14 and very alone. If you think she sounds childish...  Well, she was. 

And you are a cynical piece of shit. 

They asked her what kind of clothes she was wearing.

 She said, "A black jacket."

A very focused operator said, "No good,  what kind of top.?"


"Perfect,  take off the jacket say you are too cool and aren't cold we will send helicopters to search."

She passed out. 

This was a big deal, but there was no real hope. 

But hey God likes good kids, and they spotted her. 


This is where I come in. 

I went to the hangout, bored looking for her.

A couple pulled up to me,  eighteen, I guess and asked if I wanted to go to a party. 

I was down for anything. 

They said, "Get in the back, no room."

It was a peacock green pickup truck. 

For forty-five minutes we drove like a bat out of hell in 38-degree weather, I was shivering.

It makes the leather hard as a rock. 

I was getting up to speed my way, which was I just knew. 

The cops had tracked her to a motel, and a gang had her,

the leader a new age crack lord was like 'bring it on.' 

To the cops

I guess Scarface had come out about that time. 

He figured, if he went down in a blaze of glory, at least he would have had sex with a 14-year-old blond virgin. 

Crack makes you stupid. 

I show up, get out of the truck, I know whats up. 

I see a line of undercover cop cars across the street the whole city was out. 

I walk up to the group standing outside in the parking lot, and I tell them, "You have committed no crime yet leave now, and you will just be questioned," they left. 

I went upstairs, and a big thug was guarding the door.

 I ask, "Is the party here?"

He said, "Yes."

I went in. 

I guess he thought it was funny. 

The inner circle was ready for her to wake up so they could throw her in the shower, punk her out and get her working.

Man, I was focused

I told them, "You guys are surrounded and are going to jail no matter what." 

They could kick my ass, but I would go down fighting. 

I had one purpose, and that was to wait till she was awake enough to get downstairs. 

There she was, wasted, alone on that nasty bed. 

Thank god clothes on. 

I crawled in with her and whispered in her ear; "I know what happened this is going to take thirty minutes. I'm sorry, but I am not strong enough to carry you down."  

I sat there on my elbows.

 She, in her stupor, placed her hand on my penis, we were going down together, you bet. 

About 25 minutes into it, a guy comes in.  

The leader, tough and a knife fighter (I always had a fear of those guys.) 

I started to pray. 

He's got nothing to lose, and he is an adult con; I got no chance. 

God said, "Look him in the eyes and show him your pain." 

I did all those years all those wounds. 

 I guess God likes good kids because he punked. 

He knew I was going to fight to the death and that was that. 

Must have been the jacket. 

He said, "Let them go." 

I said to her, "If we are going to get the hell out of here,  it's going to be now."

Somehow she got up. 

All I was praying was, that may some friends be waiting in a warm car cause it was a long cold walk and I didn't know where we were. 

Sure enough, three kids I knew, showed up on cue. 

They drove us back, and it was warm. 

That's not the end of the end of story though. 

We wanted to talk. 

We were three blocks from my house, and I said: "Let's go there." 

She said, "No, it was late, and her dad would be pissed."

We went to the field of our school. 

 Like two virgins we started making out. 

We started to get serious. 

We found a spot 

And started to become adults. 

But as I started it, I heard a loud voice in my head command


Then I had the thought; she said no in her head. 

The voice explained that she was wearing a family dagger

And if I went any further I would scream in agony and never have sex again. 

It gets complicated from there. Because of that insanity, I am ruined for all woman. 

Don't worry the chastity belt did nothing to me (thank God.) 

It was the life lesson.  

Two virgins no matter how pure shall never have sex on the cold ground in October for the baby will be born still. 

We were 14; we would have fallen in love, I would have sacrificed everything for her and that baby who would have, after nine months, been born stone cold dead. 

She goes by a different name now; she is famous, I watch her on TV when I can. 

I will love you forever. 


(P. S.  After we were done we got back in the friend's car.  All she wanted was to wear my jacket.  I let her till we got to my house, but I had no other, and I still had problems with knife fighters in my life. I saw her the next day. Two kids asked me if I had sex with her.  

I said, "Yes."

 They said, "They had heard she was laying in a pool of her vomit while you were doing it."  I started hating those two then, but I said nothing.  I saw her at the front door. 

I said, "We did it right?"

She said, "No."

 I was stunned and said nothing.  I didn't see her for many years after that.  She was too embarrassed.

 You are thinking, but I said she gave it up to Todd.... See how cynical you are spreading rumors and lies. 


I tell you, lady, I would have laid that thing at your feet for another day, if only you had looked me directly in the eye... Hell for that I would have died for you. 



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