The Rabbit Hole

By HisAmelia

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Tags: hole, digging, determination, strength

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She climbs out of her dark chamber 

Searching for warmth and light

Tired of the cold and darkness 

Ready for a brand new sight 


Inching her way onwards

Determined to find freedom 

She sheds her old skins 

Yet remembers where she’s from 


Facing the days and nights alone 

Fearing only herself again 

Will she continue to conquer her mountains 

Or has she finally reached hell’s end 


Closer she digs her way up

Dirt beneath her fingernails 

Pulling pulling pulling herself forward 

This is not a time to fail 


She must press on farther 

There is light beyond the curve 

What is it that gives her strength 

What purpose must she serve 


Time and time again they come

Trial after trial never ceasing 

Trying to make her fail 

Never giving her release 


But as she inches farther 

Feeling the suns heat 

She knows the taste of freedom 

In all of her defeats 


Warmth wraps his arms around her

Holding her near his heart 

Brand new beginnings 

Are finally about to start 


Reveling in the pleasure 

Of finally being cherished 

She can begin to let go 

Feeling the past vanish