The Single Mom

By meredith

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Tribute to all the single mothers

She was quietly lying
Morning light lit the dawn
Just watching and waiting
Next to her sleeping fawn

She teaches it the ways
Of a life in the wild
Just her giving guidance
Looking over her child.

Caring for her spring spawn
Teaching all that she knows
Suddenly found them there
In a late springtime snow.

With just her to raise it
This child of the spring
The product of fall tryst
Alone this child to bring.

She does the best she can
Like her mother before
Caring for her only child
The one that she adores.

Its father is long gone
Far away in the wood
Her job is now to raise
This child the best she could.

This plight of single mom
Child that is hers alone
To foster and care for
Til adult it is grown.