The Storm Within

By meredith

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Tags: depression, doubt, past

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Man weathers a storm within

He's outside in the backyard
Deep in his own thoughts
When thunder claps overhead
In the present, no longer lost.

He hears the rain coming
Walking across the forest floor
Running to the house for safety
As close as the backdoor.

The storms strikes with voracity
Pelting the window and pane
Deep within him the noise
Raises his internal pain.

Sheets of rain continue
To claw at the window glass
While inside him a larger storm
Reminders him of his past.

Thunder roars as the rain falls
Lighting then strikes so near
Raising doubts inside his life
Reaffirming his deepest fear.

The storm doesn't abate much
The rain continues to fall
His decisions made long past
Did he make the right call?

The storm subsides but a little
The heaven's water falls slows
But the one he carry’s inside
As his personal storm grows.

Steady rain falls upon the glass
What if's and should've done
He wonders if the battle
He has inside will be won.

Slow the storm wains in strength
Softly patter sounds on the glass
He's demon's inside withdraw
Inside the storm too will pass.

The storm clouds now roll by
A break in the storm ahead
His doubts and concerns past
No longer on him fed.

Blue skies are now up above
A bright new day now shine
Deep somewhere internal
He feels better, he feels fine.

He sees the sun now shining
Beams glistening on the lawn
He feels lighter in spirit
Dancing like a new fawn.

He knows it will not last
Not to delve, it will come again
His past worry's and doubts to
Fight his raging storm within.