The Unseen Heart

By ravenpearl

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Tags: search, soul mate, fantasy

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the divine search for the one.

She's a creature of the night

She's the wind and the rain

She's the twilight, she's the dawn.

She slips unseen in between men's dreams.

Her steps light as the breeze that ripples thru the leaves.

If you look in her eyes you can see the stars and her countless untold dreams,

and her restless search for another's heartbeat.

The owls haunting call in the dead of the night echos her tears for something she cannot describe

Her loneliness a driving force inside.

Her desire to belong, a curse.

She stands alone.

The wind caresses her skin and she catches his scent.

The moon guides her steps as she tracks him

Like a whisper in the night she finds him.

She leans over him where he sleeps, her eyes breathe in his scent,

Her touch light as a feather as she brushes his cheek,

her lips fresh as the dew as she kisses him

Yes he is her dream.

She sits back and watches his troubled sleep

She knows she is the whisper in his soul he cannot trace

She sighs softly for she knows he belongs in another dream.

A tear traces her soft cheek as she endures the pain of her longing,

Her heart twists with her yearning,

For his mark is forever engraved upon her heart.

She feels the ripping in her soul for she has searched many life times to find him.

but it is always the same when their two souls collide.

They recognize one another, they call to each other, but never find one another.

the distance is just too great.

She closes her eyes to memorize his face,

for she will look for him again in another lifetime, another place.

She wraps her loneliness around her like a cape, her longing she cannot escape.

she wishes for the next life time to hurry for just maybe this time she will be his dream.

The darkness covers her steps,

the wind dries her tears, her lips covered with the taste of his.
She turns and slips back into her dream unseen.