The Winds of Change

By Survivor

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Tags: prose poetry

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Soft and gentle,
the breeze caresses your face.

There is a change coming. 

You can feel it, 
and it moves you to rejoice.

You know that feeling, 
when you sense the weather changing.

The weather of your life is changing. 

It will bring the tender, 
life giving rains. 

Washing away the dust and drear
of past weary tears.

Ushering in the new, 
sigh bringing grace of sensual plenitude.

There is a change coming. 

Who would have thought it could be so rapid and splendid, 
but it is.

The fascinating zephyr of change strokes your being.

And you accept,
to the change.

Letting the doubts become motes tossed aside
by arrant gusts
of change.

Allowing the breath
of natural love bathe you
in exhilarating transmutation to a new form,
a new life.

The winds of change have come.