Time Passages

By CKAcres

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Time waits on no one.

We, in our youth, thought time was never ending.
We couldn't seem to wait, wanting to be older.
Looking ahead always appeared so far away.
Glancing back we question, where did it all go?

Age wrinkles faces, hair disappears, turning grey.
Body shape changes, muscles weaken and sag.
Youth diminishes, making us wish we had lived
in the moment and enjoyed more of our youth.

Now as time seems to have vanished our minds fill
with thoughts, looking back at time wasted is what we do.
Wishing that we could go back with the knowledge gained.
Having the ability to do it differently.

Realizing that is not possible without changing who
and what we are, or where we be at this moment.
Accepting we can never change it, we carry on living.
Embracing every second we are granted to be here.

Living, loving and caring for everything and everyone
we have the pleasure of crossing paths with.
Young in heart and mind, learning, teaching, living.
Until, our final breath be taken.

The journey called life is a passage of time.
Hilly curves and obstacles one needs to climb.
With this passage comes many things divine.
Wisdom, tolerance and appreciation, I chime.

Inspired by the Al Stewart song of the same name. (1978)