To Finally Rejoice

By Survivor

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Tags: poetry, prose poem

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In quiet contemplation
Finding the wisdom to finally rejoice,
Oh my soul.

Admitting the waste,
Reviving the love that never left,
Responding with celebration
When hearing of the happiness

Once shared, 
Simple satisfaction and delight,
It was right,
But foolishly allowed to melt away.

Once said it lives,
Exists deep inside,
Oh my soul.

That will never die,
Cannot leave as long as the legacy
Is cradled in the coffer
Of the heart.

Bless the innocent child inside,
Living on,
Stumbling on,
Learning and growing,
Allowing the old to pass away,
Renewing the love deep within,
Oh my soul.

Washing away the doubt,
Assuming the vestments of good grace,
Walking with deliberate peace,
Willing the acceptance to live,
Delighting in friendship's gains,
Listening in wisdom,
Speaking with knowledge,
Rejoicing at long last,
Comes the dawn of understanding 
And good cheer.

Go in peace dearest beloved,
Go in peace,
Oh my soul.

If it ever was, it is,
And ever shall be,
So mote it be,
Oh my soul.