Too Good To Be

By BBaker

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Tags: poetry, poem, apology, friend, friendship, love

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I open my mouth

Sounds spill out

Thoughts form words

But my feelings are not heard

You yell and scream

I try to explain but face defeat

You cannot see what I see

Refuse to stop and hear me

You point accusingly

And hurl accusations at me

I try to find ways to make you see

But it just gets ugly

You are mad, you are doneĀ 

I feel the sting as my tears come

But you don't careĀ 

You turn away, leaving me there

I guess our love wasn't enough

You crushed me down in the dust

You ripped out my heart

You have torn my dreams apart

I thought this was real love

I had even wished on stars above

I had envisioned our lives together

But perhaps in the end this is better

Now I see it wasn't meant to be

I will let you go, so you can be happy

For you are too good for me

And this is a truth I finally see