Trio of Poems

By Circle_Something

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Three of my favourite beverages get the Kitty poem treatment.

A trio of poems about my favourite drinks, first Tea:

A cup of tea,
is a labour of love,
boil the kettle,
warm the pot...
A spoonful of leaves,
One for each person
and another for the pot,
it really requires very little thought,
but a lot of love.

Infuse infuse, for five minutes or more,
it really never is a chore.
The satisfaction of a lovely cup,
is that "aah" at the end
and the warm feeling deep inside...
a cup of tea, a labour of love.

Now, another Lady Vodka poem (Seven of many):

Good Lord!
Yup, that’s what you do,
No matter how much I drink
of thee.
You burn!

You cow!

Nah, I love ya really, my little Lady.
Yeah, Vodka, yer ma sweet, strong Lady.
You know that, right?
Well, you should, m’lady!

No hangover, that’s good and fun!
Holy! Vanilla? Never tasted that before!
A lovely taste, not plain at all.

Lady, you’re burn-y.
Gad, yeesh, I love ya.
Must go, I'm drunk!
Goodnight and Kittylove y’all!

Now, Banana Bread Beer:

Banana bread beer,
sounds so awfully...
Queer, but take
one sip and you
will quip
"Oh my, oh dear!
This beer isn't queer!"
Share some with your friends
and they'll say "here, here!
"this banana bread beer,
give me more, right here!"

Well, those are my favourite drinks, in no particular order, I hope you enjoyed my random Kitty verses, be good y’all *kiss*