True Love

By HisAmelia

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Tags: love, healing

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Darkness so dense and strong
Pulls me down
Taking my life
Holding me captive
Never ceasing
Wanting my forever
Holding me
Drowning your voice

You see me there
Hiding from life
Forcing laughter
Pretending to be happy
Not fooling you
You reach out
Fighting the darkness

I see your hand
Not trusting
So I stay
In my comfort
Smothered by darkness
Dying inside

The pull of darkness
Seems so strong
Though sometimes
Love can break free
Pushing out the dark
Saving the one
Who saved you
Is this us?

I look past your hand
For there's light shining
From your eyes
So bright
Warm and amazing
Pulling me up
Lifting me
Once again

You never cease
You're so determined
To heal our hearts
For in a moment
Your soul
Captured mine
Sealing a bond
Darkness couldn't kill

Light is filling our world
Lifting us up
Away from death
Warming the cold
Healing the pain
Erasing our pasts
Giving us time
To be truly free

We are determined
To protect our light
For together
Our souls have created
A love so strong
It shines brighter
Conquering the night
Making the darkness flee