Two Lovers

By meredith

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Tags: bed, cuddling

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Two lovers find other ways to make love felt.

Upon their bed both do lie
Her on her side just right
And him right behind
Spooned together this tonight.

His hand is on her stomach
Pulling her closer and tight
While she feels his warmth
Lying there together tonight.

He runs a finger down to her hip
She slyly gives him a wiggle
Coming back to the special place
That always makes her giggle.

She turns to face him now
Just to look upon his face
Small kiss on his lips
Several gently there she place.

He draws his hand to her face
Drawing a line on her chin
Going from her ear to ear
Looking at her wear only a grin.

She takes his hand in hers
Kissing each finger tip
Each finger one by one
Tenderly upon her lips.

Pulling his hand downward
In the crevice of her breast
He can feel her love beating
Deep within her chest.

He turns to lie flat now
Her head on his shoulder rest
Tis not a night for passion
Sometimes just cuddles are best.

Holding each others right hand
With their fingers interlace
They rest upon his abs
Above his special place.

Lying together in bed
The couple drift off tonight
Sometimes love making
Without lust seems so right.