By MileeBanerjeeOGN

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dedicated to 'V the fad'

This is the story of

an angel without a halo

One day unlike an angel he wallowed

What a paradox

I am a creature of heaven

But now I am in hell

and lesser mortals on my heaven dwell

If only I could get back my halo

I would bring back the smiles

And wipe tears away

And touch people in my ‘angel way’

As he wallowed aloud

The devil heard

And thought for a while

How the angel had served

“just like heaven he served at hell”

He thought aloud

and a pity for the creature of light he felt

he thought of bending his rules for a while

and gave the angel back his halo and smile

Now there is a strange sight for all to see

The devil and angel to everything mutually agree

And the halo and the tail are there as well

But now there is nothing as hell all agree